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Teensy-Weensy Sleepers

Hi!  I'm Katie!

I'm here to help take the guess work out of your child's sleep!

Sleepy Baby

I have a Newborn!

If you are currently pregnant or have a baby who is under 4 months old, I have the PERFECT guide for you with additional support options available for purchase!


I have a baby or young child!

If your child is between the ages of 4 months and 5 years old then I would love to help you with my one on one support services!  Click the link below!

Client Testimonials

"My 10 month old daughter went from 4-6 wake up a night co-sleeping with me to falling asleep ON HER own within 20 minutes of placing her in her own crib and sleeping 12 hours through the night... I couldn’t be happier with the program."

Baby's Room


Q: Do I have to let my child cry it out?

A. While I cannot guarantee your child will not cry, I can create plans in which you are there to support your child if they are crying. My goal is always to create a plan that you are comfortable with!

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