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Get to Know Me
and My Philosophy



Katie Blackwell

Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant

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If you are reading this with bags under your eyes, wondering if you will ever get more than 2 hours of sleep at a time, then we have had something in common!   

All my life I knew that I wanted to be a mom, and I married someone whose dream was to have six children (for the record, that was never going to happen!). When we found out we were pregnant with twins, we were through the roof excited! Once our children were born however, we were so miserable due to sleep deprivation that we questioned that same drive we once had towards parenting.  It was so hard to treasure those newborn days when all we wanted to do was get some solid sleep.  It did not seem that we were living our dream at all, just barely surviving...


Sleep Training my own babies was a journey.  I was so overwhelmed by all the information I read on the internet, not to mention by all the guilt that comes with motherhood.

Once we found a method that worked for us, it was life changing.   By seven months old our twins were consistently sleeping through the night.  As I began to work off my sleep debt I slowly started to morph into the mom I always wanted to be. I stopped just surviving and started to enjoy parenthood.  I was happier, my husband was happier, and my children were happier.   

I have been obsessed with baby sleep ever since!  I think that parents should be able to enjoy the baby stage and focus on falling in love with their babies, not just on survival.


Creating a plan that works for you

I believe that every parent and child is unique, therefore a cookie cutter approach to sleep training just isn't good enough.  My process involves getting a detailed understanding of your child's personality and your parenting style so that I can create a sleep training plan that is effective and will work for both of you.  No one on the internet can tell you the right way to parent, especially me. I will use your parenting expertise to create the best sleep plan for your child.   

My approaches are evidenced based and backed by research.   That means that not only will I create a plan that is customized to you and your child, but it will also be a plan that WORKS. 


I am a certified sleep consultant through the Cradle Coach Academy.  I was very particular with my choice about deciding where to get my certification through.  The Cradle Coach academy offered me a comprehensive education with over 200 hours of self paced content and volunteer hands on experience.  I have worked with several families on a volunteer basis, all of whom showed significant improvement in their child's sleep! 


Prior to sleep consulting I obtained bachelors degrees in psychology and sociology.  I also have earned my masters degree in social work.  These degrees offered classes related to my current field including child development classes and behavior modification courses.   

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