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Group Coaching

Group Coaching is LIVE and ready for YOU. Group coaching is a great option if you have always wanted to work with a sleep consultant but could not afford to. I've thought long and hard about how to make my services more available to everyone, while still valuing my own time.

If you are not sure what group coaching is, think of it like a group exercise class. Instead of getting into shape we will be working together to get everyone more sleep!

Working in a group is ideal for those who feel intimidated by sleep training. You won't be doing this alone. You will be with up to 8 other families who are sleep training at the exact same time as you!

What's Included?

Private Facebook 

You will be invited to an exclusive Facebook group with other parents who are sleep training at the same time as you! I'll be in this group too! You can post any time that you would like and we can support each other along the way!

Sleep plan with video instruction

Not only will you receive detailed instructions each step of the way, but you will also receive a video tutorial to walk you through each part of the plan!

5 Facebook Live broadcasts

I will have five separate LIVE videos scheduled throughout our time together! Don't worry, if you can't make make it on time to the live broadcast you can always watch the replay!  I will give you the opportunity to submit any questions up to 24 hours before the Live so that you don't miss out!

Continued Support

While I hope you have nothing but well rested nights after our time together, I want to be realistic here and say that you will naturally hit bumps down the road. Regressions and wonky nap transitions happen to everyone!  All participants in my group coaching will also receive a copy of my Sleep Survival Guide (valued at $29) which will walk you through the most common obstacles you may face down the road! You will also have access to purchase "Tune Up Calls" which are traditionally only available for past 1:1 clients.

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