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Black Friday Deals 2022 (Sleep Edition!)

I know you are tried and probably not planning to be at the mall at 4 AM this year. I GET it. Let me make your life a little easier this year. I’ve done the research for you on some GREAT Black Friday deals to help with your child’s sleep. Don't worry, I've made this blog short, sweet, and to the point so you can just enjoy the deals.

*This blog includes affiliate links. If you use these links then I will get a small commission based on your sale at no additional cost to you. I always test these products first before giving them my stamp of approval.

Solly Baby

Solly baby is running a KILLER sale this year! This is by far my favorite baby wearing wrap. It is SO soft and adjustable. Plus they offer free consultations to ensure you are wearing your baby safely!

  • $50 Select Wraps

  • $50 Loop Carriers

  • 20% off crib sheets, swaddles, and knotted hats


It is NO secret that I LOVE slumberpod. This is the EASIEST solution for blacking out your child's sleep space. It's a tent that can go over almost any sleep environment (including your own crib if you buy their home base extension!). Bonus? If you use my affiliate code you get an even BETTER deal then the one they are advertising on their site.

  • Use the coupon code: BFCMTEENSYWEENSYSLEEPERS for $35 off!

Mahalo Eco Blackout Blinds

Mahalo Black out Blinds will be doing a 20% off discount on their Amazon store. No code will be needed! These are the BEST blackout blinds. They are easy to install AND remove when you want to let the light in. They are also toxin free so they don't come with that plasticky smell that other blackout blinds come with.

  • 20% Off - Just use the link below on Black Friday!

Sleep Consulting Services

You didn't think I would miss out on the fun did you? If you want to gift yourself a great night sleep by Christmas then let's book a call! I am offering EVERYONE the discount I normally reserve for my close friends and family. Newborn Services and Sleep Consulting Services is 40% off! Use the coupon code below!

  • 40% Off with the code BLACKFRIDAY2022

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