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Our Support Process

Curious about what it's like to work with us?  This is a detailed explanation of our support process when you purchase a Customized Sleep Plan.  Sleep Training is a huge time commitment for you, therefore I hope I can be as transparent as possible about the process before we begin our journey together. 

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Chat with Katie (Optional)

Our Introductory chat will help me to get a basic understanding of your child's sleep issues and recommend what level of support will be a good fit for you and your child.  You can Schedule this call by clicking HERE.

Review and Sign Documents

Once you are confident that you want to begin your sleep training journey you will complete a few preliminary documents which include:

  • Sleep Consultant Contract: Agreement of services and payment between you and your sleep consultant.  

  • Night Weaning Consent (OPTIONAL): Confirmation that your baby is healthy and pediatrician approved to night wean from feeds.

After you have completed the initial paperwork then payment is due.   

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Babies in Playroom

Prep Work

Before we can start, there is some prep work we need to do!  I want to make a plan that is perfect for your child, in order to do that I need your help in gathering information:

  • Nursery Tour (Included in our premium packages):  We will complete a video tour of your child's sleeping area to ensure that your little one has the PERFECT sleep environment 

  • Child Intake Form: Provides me with a thorough description of your child, their medical issues, and sleep issues.

  • Child Temperament Quiz:  Gives me insight into the personality of your child so that we can pick the PERFECT sleep training method for their temperament.

  • 3 Days of Sleep and Feed Logs:  Provides me with a baseline of your child's current sleep habits, as well as helps me to ensure your child is getting adequate nutrition to compliment their sleep journey.

Sleep Train!

It's go time!   Our premium packages include a 45 minute training call in which we will go over your child's customized sleep plan in detail. 

All packages include various lengths of on demand email support through your sleep training journey.   Our premium packages include daily sleep log evaluation's and recommendations.   

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Follow up Support

It's inevitable that at some point your child will regress in their sleep habits.  It's perfectly normal for children to experience sleep regressions!  That's why I want to ensure you are supported even after our time together:

  • Every customized sleep plan includes several pages of troubleshooting guidelines to tackle the most common sleep issues that you may run into down the road.

  • Every package qualifies for an optional 30 minute exit phone call (must be scheduled within 30 days of starting sleep training)   

  • Our premium packages include optional 30 minute express consultations to address any regressions or hiccups you might experience with your child's sleep

  • We also host weekly Q&A's on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

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